The Friends in “Lately”

So, What have you done—Lately?  A question often asked to photographers.

For me,  It is a search for really valuable photographs. No I’m not searching for world leaders, historic events that I have covered.  I open boxes of  transparencies with the hope that I made a few frames of my friends and competitors.  In the sixties, personal pictures were easy.  Everyone would make pictures, develop them and make a few prints to give to friends.  With color we lost control of our film.  We would ship the undeveloped rolls to New York where they would be edited by a series of editors who could sometimes be a little picky.  Personal pictures were seldom of these rolls. Hey, you didn’t want the editors to see how much fun you were having.

Lately 1

Interns Dennis Brack and Tucker Henry in the photo office of the DALLAS MORNING NEWS.  FYI, they made the woodcut engravings of the newspapers photos in the room next door

Charlie Tasnadi, AP, with Fidel Castro on visit to Cuba in 1975.  It was one of the first trips to Cuba by Americans and we were granted visas to cover Senator McGovern’s visit.  Barbara Walters was part of the press.  I think that Fidel was more interested in Barbara Walters than Senator McGovern

Roddy Mims and press wrangler, (we didn’t call them wranglers back then,I think we called them friends), at a party for the Reagan press covering President Reagan on vacation in Santa Barbara.

Joe Holloway jr,  Chick Harrity, George Tames, Joe Marquette, Dennis Brack on the outskirts of Plains, Georgia in 1975.

Larry Downing at Windsor Castle waiting  for Queen Elizabeth and Ronald Reagan.

The seventies brought small cameras for “Happy Snaps”  The middle picture is not a happy snap, but it is my most cherished.  It was made on a Ford trip in New Orleans.  Kennerly  handed his Leica to a young lady who dreamed of being a photographer and she made the picture.  She did a great job!

Lately Panel 2a copyNaiomI Nover in her blue dress and ready for battle!

Photographers having coffee and  Beignets at Cafe Du Monde before boarding a paddlewheel riverboat to cover the campaign of President Ford on the Mississippi; Wally McNamee, Charlie Tasnadi,Paul Slade,Bob Sherman, David Burnett,Dennis Brack, David Hume Kennerly, Dirck Halstead,

Electrician Marvin Purbaugh in Kennebunkport, Maine during a vacation that President H. W. Bush to his home in Kennebunkport

With digital we regain control of our images. Personal pictures are plentiful.  It is my hope that everyone will preserve them, so they can have the delight of looking back at their friends from decades past.

Panel 3 for webStephen Crawley working on a “Crawleygram”

Cindy Campbell Brack at the office.

Nikki Kahn, Pat Benic and Patsy Lynch on the South Lawn

Rodney Batten

Bentzen Ginburg

Ron Edmonds and friends on the center camera stand in 2009.

Scotty Applewhite and Kevin Lamarque