Lord of the Rings Drei Jäger Games Workshop Middle Earth Mittelerde Hobbit Die chtvmj5087-Table Top/Historical

1986 LE17 Chaos Lavatory Limited Edition Games Workshop Citadel Toilet Demon Bog

25mm napoleonic french - old guard 40 figures - inf (33763)

Special Project

Want to see your National Cathedral turn into the world's largest cathedral built of LEGO® bricks? Want to help make it happen?

For $2 per brick you can “buy a brick” to help us raise the walls on a scale model of the Cathedral and help us raise money to support repairs from the 2011 earthquake.

Games Workshop Warhammer Night Goblin Gloomspite Gitz Forgeworld Standard Bearer
Warhammer Age of Sigmar Metal OOP Bretonnian Trebuchet 523

As Lent enters the drama and emotion of Holy Week, Washington National Cathedral offers a Palm Sunday performance of Mozart’s Requiem, the very piece Mozart was working on in the final days of his own earthly journey.

Vintage Rogue Trooper board game by Gamesworkshop 2000 A.D.

25mm medieval spanish - 24 moorish warriors - inf (21620)

Join us throughout the season of Lent as make our way toward Calvary and the joy of the Resurrection.

The Cathedral offers a host of Bible studies and fellowship with our "Take on Lent" series, as well as email meditations to help with remembrance, repentance and renewal.

Passes are available for the 8 a.m. service on Easter Sunday. Passes are NOT required for the Easter Vigil on Saturday, April 20.

25mm ACW union - american civil war infantry 15 figures - inf (12415)
25mm napoleonic wurttemberg - infantry 20 figs - inf (16184) WHFB FANTASY LIMITED EDITION GAMES DAY 2004 ARCHAON CHAOS LORD END TIMES OOP

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25mm colonial british - boer war battle group 20 figures - inf (24602)