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PRESIDENTIAL PICTURE STORIES book coming in late November 2013.

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photographers New OrleansLR
New Orleans, the Presidential Campaign in June 1976. A morning coffee with
some of the best photographers (and best friends) of the seventies. Left to
right: Charles Tasnadi, Associated Press; Wally McNamee, Newsweek; Dirck
Halstead, TIME; David Hume Kennerly, White House Photographer; Dennis
Brack, Black Star; Bob Sherman, freelance; David Burnett, Contact; Paul Slade,
Paris Match; Terry DeWitt, ABC.

This book is a collection of such stories, most of them told by or about members of the White House News Photographers Association.  Many of the stories are about events that I witnessed or participated in. As a photojournalist for more than fifty years I have worked with the top photographers of our time. In the sixties I listened to photographers talk about the great photographers whom they met when they were young, and in the following decades I have watched great photojournalists work and listened to their stories. Today’s hot photojournalists do what the early greats did: Make pictures and get them out as fast as possible. Their stories are part of the photographer’s lore, part of what makes taking pictures for a living so much fun.