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This issue brief reviews important changes to the health care safety net and the impact on low-income Californians.
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Snapshot: Remaining Uninsured in California

Prior to the ACA, the uninsured rate for nonelderly Californians persisted around 20 percent. Although California’s implementation of the ACA dramatically reduced the number of uninsured, nearly three million uninsured Californians remain.
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May 31, 2019

This ITUP fact sheet reviews existing health care programs for immigrants in California. California generally provides better access to health care coverage for immigrants than most other states, including covering all children in Medi-Cal regardless of immigration status.

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ITUP Review of the 2019-20 Budget May Revision

May 14, 2019

This ITUP Legislative Update provides an overview of the May Revise and health and health-related proposals.

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Federal Administration’s Refusal to Defend the ACA – California Impact

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March 29, 2019

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The Department of Justice's decision to affirm a district court's ruling invalidating the ACA while not defending the ACA on appeal has potentially far-reaching impacts on Californians.

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Health Bills Introduced: California Legislative Session 2019-20

Kurt Helborg, Reiksguard Martial, diecast metal model, Warhammer Empire

March 4, 2019

The deadline to introduce legislation for the 2019-20 legislative session was February 22, 2019. The Legislature introduced nearly 1,000 health-related bills, including approximately 160 bills focused on behavioral health issues. The attached fact sheet provides a brief description of many of the newly introduced health care bills.

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ITUP Events

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2019 L.A. Health Collaborative

The ITUP L.A. Health Collaborative meets twice a year and brings together a diverse range of safety net stakeholders and local health leaders engaged in health reform in L.A. County. More than 100 attendees benefit from program updates and consider emerging issues and challenges in lively small group discussions.

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2019 ITUP Regional Workgroups

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ITUP regional workgroups bring together local leaders for constructive dialogue and creative problem solving to expand access and improve the health of Californians.

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23rd Annual ITUP Conference Details

The 2019 ITUP conference Mapping the Future of Health Reform – What’s Next?  offered late-breaking updates on health reform at the state and federal levels, including highlights of Governor Newsom’s health care agenda and the latest on Attorney General Xavier Becerra’s fight to protect California coverage gains under the Affordable Care Act.

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