A recent Walsh University graduate and Medina native passed Sunday after collapsing a quarter mile from the finish line at the Cleveland Marathon.

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Walsh issued the following statement to Cleveland’s Fox 8:

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Cristine Torek, public relations specialist working for the Cleveland Marathon, said the 22-year-old soccer player with multiple letters for her athleticism at Walsh nearly finished the race on an unseasonably hot day. Other runners frequently attempted the longer full or half marathon and settled, instead, for the shorter 10K.

About 15,000 runners participated in the Cleveland Marathon, a charitable race that strives to provide “a fitness experience for all individuals who want to participate regardless of their abilities.”

Participants were told they could run or walk as the temperatures reached into the 80s.

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Tragedy struck the Cleveland Marathon on May 19.

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A University Hospitals spokesman said in the story Ceepo was brought in by emergency officials. The spokesman said Ceepo was dead on arrival to the hospital, and that it was too early to determine the cause of death.

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Walsh University, where Ceepo played soccer, also released a statement.

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As for the race, Edwin Kamaiyo of Kenya won the Marathon in 2 hours, 22 minutes, 2 seconds.

Kamaiyo, 33, overtook two-time champion Philemon Terrer near the 24-mile mark on his way to victory, according to a news release.

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The men’s runner-up was Terrer in 2:23.36, with Kipkoech Ruto taking third in 2:26.22. Joan Massah (2:49:30) took third in the women’s race.


The weekend of races drew 15,000 participants.

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